Re-introducing the Bates® Trixfer™

Flexible, Fast and Easy
Marinco Power Products welcomes back the Bates® Trixfer™ Stage Pin Jumper Tap for an encore performance! Now UL listed!

The Trixfer™ delivers grounded 20A power to multiple devices without the hassle of a cumbersome twofer. Plug multiple cords into a single circuit. Connector configurations available include female-female and male-female combos.

  • Replace V style twofers with trixfers - lights can then be as far apart as needed without adding extra cable
  • Replace Y style twofers with trixfers - replace much of the taping and angles required
  • Replace connectors on lights that are commonly twofered (such as tormentors or box booms) to save additional components and time
Part # Total AMPS Input Voltage Dimensions (in) Weight (oz)
TRIXFER 20A 125V 1.1X3X5.1 8
TRIXFER.FF 20A 125V 1.4X4X7 4.8
  • Fast and easy to use - daisy chain up to four lights with limited connections
  • Provides cleaner connections vs. y-style and v-style
  • Eliminates need for extra cables, connectors, or jumpers
  • Provides extra flexibility where circuits are limited
  • Inline connectors help eliminate extra taping and angle prep