Bates Stage Pin (20A / 125V) Male Inline - Clear (X) Cover Part # 20M-X


Bates Stage Pin (20A / 125V) Male Inline - Clear (X) Cover 20M-X

For 30 years, Bates stage pins have been the industry standard for stage lighting devices. Our Bates connectors are manufactured from a extreme temperature tolerant thermoplastic compound. This thermoplastic performs in extreme temperatures and is highly durable and resilient to punishing impacts. Bates stage pin connectors offer years of reliable service in the most demanding environments. Our pins are crafted from solid brass rod machined to +/- 0.0005" tolerance while allowing the pins to float which allows positive alignment and pin contact which is critical to device life. The 2 piece strain relief accommodates a wide range of wire sizes. All 20A bates stage pin inlines are available with clear or colored tops while the stage pin panel mounts can be ordered in specific colors.

  • Thermoplastic Housing
  • Accepts #16/3 TYPE SJO to #12/3 TYPE SO Cable
Inline Stage Pins