3 Amp Portable Battery Charger Parte # 28003


3 Amp Portable Battery Charger 28003

The Guest model 28003 is designed to both recharge your batteries and extend your battery's life in applications where it is stored for long periods of time. They are "3-stage" electronic, completely automatic, lightweight, silent, battery chargers and each output produces 24 Volts DC at either a full 3, 5 or 8 Amps (model specific), while using much less AC current than other charger types. Unlike automotive "trickle" chargers, the 28003, 28005 and 28008 will not boil off the electrolytes in properly installed and maintained batteries. The yellow and green LED's, mounted on the charger face, let you know the unit is recharging and maintaining your batteries. This sophisticated device is designed to recharge and maintain the 24VDC batteries in you wheelchair or scooter.

  • 3A 24V
  • 1 Bank
  • 120V Input